WIP: Necron Pyrrhian Eternals - Part 1


WIP: Necron Pyrrhian Eternals – Part 1

A little background on this painting effort. Last time I was down visiting Funiculus we stopped at a local hobby store and I needed a commander unit and saw Anrakyr the Traveller. I loved his fluff and how I could make it work with the back-story for my army. I strongly believe that named units should be painted the way that Games Workshop’s team paints them. So that being said here is my finished (except the basing) Anrakyr the Traveller character.

Anrakyr the Traveller waiting for his basing.

Anrakyr the Traveller waiting for his basing.

Well according to the rules Anrakyr gets a set of Immortals from his home Tomb World of Pyrrhia that are labeled as Pyrrhian Eternals. As such I want them to match his paint scheme as close as possible with out elevating them to HQ status in terms of the quality of their “skin” and weaponry.
So here goes:

I had pre-assembled the units before I knew what I was doing with them, which I now regret. I based them in black since any non-organic paint schemes should be based in black as a general rule. Next I painted all the eyes moot green then coated the entire unit (minus the weaponry) in a mixture of gun metal and black. I used 3 parts black to 5 parts gun metal and made sure to get this mixture in the crevices where it will provide a slight glimmer in the shadows and recesses of the model’s body.

pair of pyrrhian eternals

Before and after adding the sub-coloring mixture of gun metal and black on the Eternals

sub-coloring paint mixture

Mixture of sub-coloring for the Eternals









Next is a coating of the body in pure gun metal being cautious not to get it in the recesses that we just made sure to get the darker mixture in. After that I added a medium-light coating of nuln oil to darken the gun metal. I did this to set them apart as being important but not as important as Anrakyr. Here you can see the difference in shade of the gun metal coating between the Eternal and Anrakyr.

Anrakyrs pristine gun metal vs Eternals worn gun metal

Comparison of Eternal and Anrakyrs body coloring

Next comes the fun part, highlighting and accenting. I used a detail brush to apply pure gun metal to spots where it would seem as if the sun was reflecting off their skin. I then moved onto a 3 bristle detail brush to apply silver/ lightened gun metal over the pure gun metal accents. Then I used the same 3 bristle brush to apply the electric blue to the insignia on the chest and their eyes. The moot green behind the electric blue barely shows but I like the way it works out on two of the models. That being said, it may have been overkill because it is barely noticeable.

colors and brushes used for highlighting

Suite of highlighting brushes

Now for the last part of the skin of the Pyrrhian Enternals: the spine. Because of their elevated status I gave them the same bright bronze spinal column that Anrakyr has. After painting the spine on the first one I realized that there is actually a piece of skin that sits over a portion of the spine that I had painted bronze. So after touching that up I finished the rest of the spines and little blemishes I left. And they look a little something like this:

pyrrhian eternals painted

Various perspectives of the Pyrrhian Eternals

Coming soon is part 2 of the Pyrrhian Eternals work in progress. Stay tuned.

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