Warhammer 40k StormClaw Unboxing Announcement


Warhammer 40k StormClaw Unboxing Coming Soon

StormClaw BoxSo I’m happy to announce that when I ran out to the shop after work to pick up some paint, I happened to find one of these gems sitting behind the new Dark Vengeance box sets:

I’m thrilled to say we’ll be able to have an unplanned unboxing article for the set as soon as I can get some pictures done for it. We hadn’t anticipated doing a Warhammer 40k StormClaw Unboxing, but we’re sure happy to get a chance!

For any unaware, the new Sanctus Reach box set features a Space Wolf vs Ork pair of armies, leveraging the two newest (well newest, and believed to be next) codexes from Games Workshop.


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