Tyranny of dragons


Tyranny of Dragons

Wizards of the Coast has released their first new miniatures in years – Tyranny of Dragons. This release ties in with source book material and an expansion for Neverwinter (their Dungeons & Dragons MMO).

The story line focuses around a re-emergence of the Dragon Cult dedicated to Tiamat who seek to bring about her rise and the resurgence of the dragon empire that vanished 25,000 years ago. New heroes as well as monsters are awaiting us in this set along with, as you would expect, several iconic dragons. In an interesting twist, the plot will feature multiple factions that are aligned against the rise of Tiamat, but whose own objectives may prevent them from working together. It has a lot of potential for fine adventure in the making!

The campaign book “Horde of the Dragon Queen” is in stores now and available for purchase from your hobby outfitter. This is the first set of adventures in the story arc geared towards adventurers level 1-7. Only the first starter set for Tyranny of Dragons is available now, but the rest of the miniatures are available for pre-order today.

Hopefully we’ll be bringing you some unit reviews from Tyranny of Dragons in the coming weeks as the pre-orders get delivered.

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