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Happy National Dice Day

Happy National Dice Day everyone from us at! Dice have come a long way from the days of animal bones and hoofs and been around for over 5,000 years old. The oldest known dice set was found in Iran […]


WIP: Necron Pyrrhian Eternals – Part 1

A little background on this painting effort. Last time I was down visiting Funiculus we stopped at a local hobby store and I needed a commander unit and saw Anrakyr the Traveller. I loved his fluff and how I could […]


Building an Imperial Knight Part 2

As we’ve covered building our model into strategic sub assemblies in part 1, it’s now time to start our painting work.  Building an Imperial Knight is an investment of time and effort, so don’t be afraid to put in a […]


Army Builder Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Data Files Released!

Army Builder Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Data Files Update For those of us who use Army Builder to make our Warhammer 40K lists, 7th Edition has been a dark time of scratching out lists, crossing out, and starting over. Up […]


Building an Imperial Knight Part 1

So today we’re going to take you through my own humble efforts to build an Imperial Knight, using GW’s very handy instructional videos for insight along with photos along the way of how my efforts went. Full Disclosure; I suck […]


Sneak Peek: Warhammer 40K Grey Knights Codex

Warhammer 40K Grey Knights Pages Hit Imgur Today’s Web-mining turned up an Imgur link allegedly showing pages of the new Grey Knights codex. This link comes to us by way of a post on the Warhammer 40k Group Facebook page. […]


Proper Care and Feeding of Paint Brushes

Hello, readers! While many games come with pieces pre-assembled and pre–painted, such as the HeroClix and Axis & Allies lines, there are many others that require you to put your own personal touch on each piece. Games like Warhammer Fantasy […]


We Found GW’s New Space Wolves Painting Guide (early); a DC EXCLUSIVE

We were all a little shocked today when one of our associate members (big thanks to our Sister of Battle!) dug up a new step-by-step how-to on painting Space Wolves, thanks to Redditor aVeryAbstractBlack (originally linked here; video linked after […]


Unboxing StormClaw

So we here at Dice Commander were very fortunate the other day; we were actually able to get our paws on a copy of Warhammer 40k’s StormClaw. This battle box is a lot like a starter set and we’ll get […]


Warhammer 40k StormClaw Unboxing Coming Soon

So I’m happy to announce that when I ran out to the shop after work to pick up some paint, I happened to find one of these gems sitting behind the new Dark Vengeance box sets: I’m thrilled to say […]