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Building an Imperial Knight Part 3

Building an Imperial Knight Part 3 Welcome to Building an Imperial Knight Part 3.  Hopefully you got a chance to read through Part 1 and Part 2 and you’re ready for the next step, painting and attaching the colorful armor […]


Painting Rocks Tutorial

So if you’re like me; you like to get some of your bulk painting done efficiently.  And by “efficiently”, I mean, the boring bits I want done quick.  So today, I’m going to show you how to paint rock and […]


How to fight the Necrons with Space Wolves

In Space Wolf circles, there are often posts asking how to defeat particular armies, and more often than not players seek strategies and tactics for defeating Necrons. Necrons are a tough customer for every army in Warhammer 40k, even more […]


D20 Dice: How to Check Their Balance – Video

While perusing the web today we found this gem. Using a golfers trick you can check the balance of your D20 to see if it is weighted towards a certain number. Whether you use that knowledge for good or for […]


New Dice Day the Necron Way

We love our dice here at Dice Commander. We play with them while not playing games. We stack them at the table and spin them.  (True story.  ~Funiculus) We love to buy the big heavy ones for the make-or-break DM rolls. […]


Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf iPhone App Review

We may be few, and our enemies many. Yet so long as there remains one of us still fighting, one who still rages in the name of justice and truth, then by the Allfather, the galaxy shall yet know hope. […]


Collecting vs Painting and Our Backlog Piles

Keeping up with all the posts in the many Warhammer 40,000 Facebook groups we belong to we have noticed three things. We are everywhere. We spend too much time deciphering the rules. We love to get new stuff in the mail. It […]


How to Paint Necrons

Greetings all! With the release of the new Necron Codex, we thought we’d delve into how to paint Necrons.  Naturally, everyone has their own variations, but we’re focused today on the basic “metal warrior” look.  Games Workshop has a splendid […]


Necrons Finally Drop

We have been waiting for this day for nearly half a year. There has been chatter, rumors, fear, and now finally joy! Until you go to and see the amount of out of stock items.


Airbrush Painting Miniatures

Hey, Commander Lush here with some airbrush questions. I am in full painting mode and thanks to some awesome people in the Warhammer 40K groups all over social media my technique is a lot smoother. All that being said, I’ve never […]