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Proper Care and Feeding of Paint Brushes

Hello, readers! While many games come with pieces pre-assembled and pre–painted, such as the HeroClix and Axis & Allies lines, there are many others that require you to put your own personal touch on each piece. Games like Warhammer Fantasy […]


We Found GW’s New Space Wolves Painting Guide (early); a DC EXCLUSIVE

We were all a little shocked today when one of our associate members (big thanks to our Sister of Battle!) dug up a new step-by-step how-to on painting Space Wolves, thanks to Redditor aVeryAbstractBlack (originally linked here; video linked after […]


Unboxing StormClaw

So we here at Dice Commander were very fortunate the other day; we were actually able to get our paws on a copy of Warhammer 40k’s StormClaw. This battle box is a lot like a starter set and we’ll get […]


Warhammer 40k StormClaw Unboxing Coming Soon

So I’m happy to announce that when I ran out to the shop after work to pick up some paint, I happened to find one of these gems sitting behind the new Dark Vengeance box sets: I’m thrilled to say […]


Battle Report Warhammer 40k Space Wolves vs Necrons 2k

Back in February, during the 10 minutes in which 6th edition lasted, we had a match between Absolut Lush’s Necrons and my Space Wolves, who clashed in a brilliant display of poor tactics, a loose understanding of the rules, and […]


Space Wolves Photos

Here we have some of the photos from that photo shoot that the amazing Dave Difuntorum put together for us some weeks back. As should be clear from our last photo article, Dave does a great job framing and lighting […]


Painting Tyranids

Recently, I was looking for some help with painting Tyranids ready to slice and dice Daemon’s Ultra smurfs, and I stumbled onto this great video that really shows you step by step how to get every last bit of detail […]


Chaos Space Marines

As was hinted to on our Facebook page, we recently sat down with photographer Dave Difuntorum and set him loose on some of the miniatures our painters have put together. His creativity behind the camera always brings out the best […]