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Battle Report Warhammer 40k Space Wolves vs Necrons 2k

Back in February, during the 10 minutes in which 6th edition lasted, we had a match between Absolut Lush’s Necrons and my Space Wolves, who clashed in a brilliant display of poor tactics, a loose understanding of the rules, and […]


Space Wolves Photos

Here we have some of the photos from that photo shoot that the amazing Dave Difuntorum put together for us some weeks back. As should be clear from our last photo article, Dave does a great job framing and lighting […]


Chaos Space Marines

As was hinted to on our Facebook page, we recently sat down with photographer Dave Difuntorum and set him loose on some of the miniatures our painters have put together. His creativity behind the camera always brings out the best […]


Keeping a Sense of Humor

It’s important to remember we’re just playing a game; losing your mind and maybe a friendship over a die roll can be a poisonous thing, but we all have *that* friend, the one who gets a little too into winning […]