Space Wolves Photos


Space Wolves Photos

Canis Wolfborn

Canis rides to battle

Here we have some of the photos from that photo shoot that the amazing Dave Difuntorum put together for us some weeks back.

As should be clear from our last photo article, Dave does a great job framing and lighting the shots to bring out all the personality of the pieces he is photographing. The Space Wolves Photos that follow are as much a product of his skill behind the lens as they are of any of the artists involved with the models or set.

The piece itself is a pewter Canis rescued from a junk lot and thought damaged and incomplete, we were able to restore most of it to what you see above (his backpack was sadly not salvageable; though we’ll be trying to build him a new one in the coming months).

Here a Space Wolves Rune Priest leads blood claws from their Rhino. Our friend Canis can be seen in the background behind the rhino.

Some of our Long fangs have joined the squad astride the Rhino. Not strictly a legal move but a great vantage point. Of course, you also make a prime target standing up there like a loon! Down boys! Down!

Rune Priest

Rune Priest leads the assault

Long Fangs

Long Fangs join the squad

Ulrik the Slayer seen here in traditional GW color scheme head of a group of Blood Claws and Grey Hunters. Ulrik was a discovery on a discount shelf in a hobby shop, still in the original bubble. He is pictured here without his flag pole as the flag itself is being made.

Ulrik the Slayer

Ulrik the Wolf Priest leads his Blood Claws

Logan Grimnar

Logan Grimnar leads his Wolf Guard

Logan Grimnar and some of his Wolf Guard mix in with the Grey Hunters and Blood Claws. For reasons I cannot recall, Ulrik has climbed onto the Rhino. No doubt an inspiration to all who see him!

It’s not Bjorn, but rather another of his brothers, eternally sealed within the great metal body of a company Dreadnought, ready to bring that big plasma cannon to bear in support of the chapter!

Space Wolf Dreadnought

Space Wolf Dreadnought supporting troops

Dueling miniatures

Space Wolves vs Crimson Slaughter

We hope to work with Dave again to get more photos of the armies as they progress and possibly for some of our upcoming battle reports. If you’ve enjoyed the article, give us a like and we’ll promise more of the same sort of content in the future to come!

Glory to the Emperor!

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