Review of d&d 5th edition player's handbook


Review of D&D 5th edition player’s handbook



With the launch of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, we’ve been keeping our eyes out for informative content to help those of us still recovering from 4th edition to make decisions on whether or not we’re moving to the latest version. I just read the fine review of D&D 5th edition player’s handbook over at Play Board Games; it’s short, but it covers all the bases. If you’re interested in how it combines elements of previous editions into a new and (hopefully) more user friendly experience, head on over to their site and give them a read, it’s good stuff.

If you like their stuff, be sure to check out their many other fine articles on gaming in general as well as their inside look at upcoming goodies for Dungeons and Dragons in the near future!

Before you decide if you want to buy a D&D 5th Edition Player’s Handbook, you should probably give this a read:


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