Keeping a Sense of Humor


Keeping a Sense of Humor

It’s important to remember we’re just playing a game; losing your mind and maybe a friendship over a die roll can be a poisonous thing, but we all have *that* friend, the one who gets a little too into winning and losing. Usually that’s me. I know it, they know it, and keeping some levity can help you all remember it’s just a game. But those moments do come. Your forces are maneuvered into place, you’ve set up the bonuses/specials you built your army around, the moment has come to strike…and that “1” comes up on the die. The only outcome by which your gambit would fail. $#%@!

Well...that escalated quickly.

Well…that escalated quickly.

The moment was there and it’s gone. In a lot of ways, this is the core lesson in every strategy game. Not planning your main strategy, not making choices about what to take and what to leave, and not prioritizing objectives. All lessons to learn, all tennents of the games, but the real core? Adversity. We learn almost nothing from from success and we learn the most from failure and adapting.

Training your super heavy gun with every imaginable bonus on the key enemy target at a moment of weakness and winning it all may have been the plan, but you missed. Now what do you do? Fold? No, those destroyers have torpedoes and they’re dangerously close to the enemy carriers if they use your high-speed run! The Necron troops are everywhere, but their initiative is awful; Jaws of the World Wolf exploits that weakness.

Lush in command of his tanks

Lush in command of his tanks

As we play, we hopefully learn and grow as sportsmen and tacticians but we should always maintain a sense of humor. Without further ado; here’s Lush in a funny hat:

Now I’m not saying we encourage cosplay at the table, but sometimes a small thematic addition can help change the pace of things. Not sure what to say about Lush in his tank attire beyond that!

On the other hand, if it keeps a sense of humor about things and the table flipping to a minimum, who are we to argue?

After all, it is a fine line between rolling through enemy lines and finding your forces reduced to flaming hulks.

When your brilliant maneuver has you in a position to win and the most inexplicable of nonsense happens; have a sense of humor, remember it’s just a game, and plot dire vengeance for the next time!

Armored clash

Armored clash

— It’s worth noting that I usually play Fun’s punching bag (a la Fun’s picture at the top of this article, where he is no doubt whipping me stupid in A&A:WAS for the umpteen-millionth time, but I’ve never walked away from the next game. It’s about keeping the banter friendly (and/or openly mocking, if your friends can handle that), and making sure everyone is having a good time, whether you’re torping them left and right, or watching them roll sixteen AA dice and come up with fourteen 1’s.


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