We Found GW's New Space Wolves Painting Guide (early); a DC EXCLUSIVE


We Found GW’s New Space Wolves Painting Guide (early); a DC EXCLUSIVE

We were all a little shocked today when one of our associate members (big thanks to our Sister of Battle!) dug up a new step-by-step how-to on painting Space Wolves, thanks to Redditor aVeryAbstractBlack (originally linked here; video linked after the jump). Funiculus posted it to the Facebook feed for Dice Commander, as well as the Space Wolves group (a post here was waiting on his return home tonight), and it got a lot of positive responses, as well as clamoring from fans of other armies to see a similar video done for them.

Little did we know at the time that this was apparently a scoop; it was even before GW had managed to announce it; it still hasn’t linked to their YouTube. Though as of writing our original link in the Dice Commander feed is still live; the video itself can be found here:

We of course have no desire to do anything to harm the GW brand, and this video is absolutely theirs, but for a young site like ours to hit this ahead of everyone else is a wonderful feeling, and hopefully the first of many more.

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