Collecting vs Painting and Our Backlog Piles

there may come a day that we complete our collection

Collecting vs Painting and Our Backlog Piles

Keeping up with all the posts in the many Warhammer 40,000 Facebook groups we belong to we have noticed three things. We are everywhere. We spend too much time deciphering the rules. We love to get new stuff in the mail. It is this last item that really got us thinking as we reorganize our armies after the release of the Necron codex.

A prime example of loving to receive stuff is Commander Funiculus’ pictures of his unopened stash (below left). He kept finding good deals and had a hard time saying no. What really sealed it for him was when his FLGS was purging their Warhammer 40K stock at a steep discount. Not to be completely outdone Commander Lush has his own pile of unpainted and partially assembled stash (below right). In his case a lot of his army was from players who had painted their army so poorly that they just wanted to dump it for whatever they could get.

two separate pictures of collections of warhammer 40K miniatures

This is most of our backlogs. There are some off screen, some that are in the mail, and some we are saving for the next battle.

Funiculus has been more diligent about trying to keep on top of his painting even recruiting his extremely talented girlfriend to paint his Tyranid army while he focuses on his Space Wolfs and other non-xeno units such as his two knights, the Lushbane and Wild1 . But the recruitment came at a price, he can no longer order until the backlog is nearly finished.  [Funiculus: She says we’ll look like an episode of “Hoarders” at this rate]

For Lush he has not been successful in recruiting his wife to paint, and is just happy she accepts that gaming is part of the package. He has been really slow in catching up on his backlog because the wife keeps finding remodeling projects around the house. [Lush: I get an office with a workstation to myself so a small sacrifice up front is worth it] Now with the new Necron Codex dropping he found renewed interest in getting caught up on his backlog. More importantly he is assembling and painting each of the decurions he knows about so far.

The desire to collect has not left any of us here at DiceCommander. Instead we have slowed the rate at which we buy, been more selective, and get our new item “high” from removing the shrink wrap off an existing box. Part of the reasoning collecting is so much fun is that it is easier. Hand someone money and they send you plasticrack. Painting requires money, time, and a lot of patience. It seems that the finished model is never exactly as you envisioned, unless you are one of the pro-painters that many of us envy.  [Funiculus:  Sometimes I envision a disappointing lump of miscolored plastic; then I’m spot-on with the final result!]

That is our take on the collecting versus painting dilemma that is universal for wargaming communities. What is your favorite part? Collecting? Finishing the painting? Or is the collecting and painting a speed bump on your way to playing? We will just leave this here for now…

there may come a day that we complete our collection

Quoted For Truth!

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