D20 Dice: How to Check Their Balance - Video


D20 Dice: How to Check Their Balance – Video

While perusing the web today we found this gem. Using a golfers trick you can check the balance of your D20 to see if it is weighted towards a certain number. Whether you use that knowledge for good or for evil is up to you.

While we do not endorse the assessment the youtuber makes about various brands of dice his analysis about translucent vs opaque makes a lot of sense. There is something to be said for getting what you pay for when purchasing dice.

We are now testing our piles of D20, except Ol’ Whitey. Do you have any other tips or tricks for checking your dice balance or do you prefer not to know?

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    Jun 11, 2016 @ 21:42 pm

    Is the method presented in the youtube video How to check the balance of your d20 an accurate representation of a die’s weighting and balance and could it be used to properly and reliably test whether dice are loaded?


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