Axis and Allies Miniature Inventory

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Axis and Allies Miniature Inventory

inventory-spreadsheetHave you ever sat there looking at the boxes of your miniatures and gone “I don’t have a damned clue what I have!” I know I have. Boxes of tanks, planes, and soldiers galore, and I need to make an army list? Oh boy. See a great lot on eBay; but can’t remember if you need all those pieces? Opportunity lost.

So here, on the day of our launch, we at Dice Commander are providing you with a bit of a helper. The Axis and Allies Miniatures Inventory spreadsheet has tabs for all three major families of the popular miniatures game, organized by set. With this spreadsheet, you can take stock of what you have, track how many units and cards you have, and easily filter by alliance, nation, unit type, etc.

Once you have your collection organized in the Axis and Allies Miniature Inventory, you’ll find list building is substantially easier, you can identify what you’re missing to complete sets, and you can get a better feel for what you can field.  It’s what every general should have.  Hopefully, we’ll be bringing you more systems in the future to help with your other miniature games.

It’s not terribly sophisticated, but we hope it helps!

Axis and Allies Miniature Inventory

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