Andrea Doria: Axis and Allies War at Sea Unit Review


Andrea Doria: Axis and Allies War at Sea Unit Review

Andrea Doria Italian Battleship Axis and Allies Miniature

The Andrea Doria is one of six Italian Battleships. She belongs to the Andrea Doria class along with the Caio Duilio and is an excellent unit for power per points.

Cost: 35 – ;Year: 1940 – Class: Battleship – Set: Surface Action – Rare *
Speed: 2
M:13 – 12 – 11 – 10
2: 6 – 5 – 5 – 4
AA: 7
Armor: 7 – Vital Armor: 13 – Hull Points: 4
Extended Range 4
Harassing Fire 5
Torpedo Defense 1

The Andrea Doria is a tank of a battleship with a basic armor of 7, a vital of 13 plus torpedo defense all for 35 points. In a 100 point game she does best with a sub-hunter destroyer sitting at the middle to back of your battle lines. Use her range to whittle down the cruisers of the opposing player’s advanced force and let your subs pick off the cruisers that can damage the rest of your fleet. The goal is to weaken the cruiser so much a single torpedo or destroyer salvo will sink the opposing player’s key ship. Most cruisers have 5 armor and 3 hull points which means that the Andrea Doria’s Harassing Fire ability is nothing more than a small chance of knocking a hull point off the average cruiser. Rolling 10d6 and achieving a hit only on a 6 results in a 1.3% chance to hit armor, and a 0.000008% chance to hit vital. Your secondary guns should always be trained on destroyers and torpedo boats while your main gun concentrates on heavier and larger ships. Note that using the Andrea Doria’s main gun on destroyers and torpedo boat results in the Small Ship Evasion advanced rule being in play. At any range beyond 3 the main gun can not target a small ship and in range of 0 – 3 all rolls are at a -2 meaning that the main gun of a battleship only hits a small ship on a roll of 6.

Andrea Doria has two guns both with range 3. She also has an anti-aircraft roll of 7d6. The main gun has rolls of 13 – 12 – 11 – 10. With the Extended Range 4 ability the main gun can also fire using its profile for range 3 and the Harassing Fire 5 ability allows the main gun to fire using its profile for 3 but only counting a single success on 6. The secondary gun has rolls of 6 – 5 – 5 – 4 with no abilities that augment its range or power.

The armor profile of the Andrea Doria is her biggest feature. To knock a hull point off her the opposing player needs 7 successes and almost twice that for a vital hit. Most ships that the Andrea Doria will go toe to toe with have a remote chance of reaching that vital which means with 4 hull points she will last multiple rounds and sink more points than she is worth. Her anti-aircraft roll is nothing impressive but it is enough to swat a small air fleet away but not down them. The Torpedo Defense 1 ability is useful for those subs that sneak through during the waning turns of the game.

Overall this Italian battleship is a key piece in a smaller 100 point game and the leader of a small task force in a larger point game. She can take a beating and deliver a hail of bullets from up to a range of 5. As an added bonus if you are playing the year restrictions she enters relatively early in 1940 as opposed to the Roma which enters in 1942. If playing the historical fleet rules she can team up with a powerful US navy for post 1943 games.

What are your thoughts on the Andrea Doria for Axis and Allies: War at Sea games?

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